Whiteboard Wednesday: The Importance of Customer Interviews

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Don’t Buy Your Boss a Gym Membership for Christmas.

Ever totally missed the mark on a Christmas present for someone special?

Last year I bought my boss a gym membership.

…That went about as well as you’d think. The indignation that crept across her face as she opened my gift is now permanently burned into my memory.

My coworker bought her a cookbook. It turns out what she really wanted was to cook more healthily, not have her newest employee imply she needed to spend more time on a treadmill.

You really don’t want dissatisfy your customers like I did my boss.

So what’s the best way to win your boss’ approval? The best way to keep your customers happy? The best way to build the right product?

Have a conversation with them. Better yet, have a lot of the right conversations with them. Sit down with them for lunch and ask about their hobbies, like my coworker did when he learned about my boss’ culinary creations. Coming up with an acceptable solution to a problem you perceive is not enough, it doesn’t generate a product that people will need or want to use. You have to take the time to get to know their problem if you want to build the right solution.

In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday video, Zac dives a little deeper into the importance of customer interviews, and the tricks to ensuring you make the most of them. Watch the video – in 8 minutes you’ll learn all the reasons why these customer interviews are so critical to the success of your product and business.

No offended boss, no disappointed customers.

Why are customer interviews so important?

  1. Validate assumptions
  2. Build the “rightest thing”
  3. Build customer empathy
  4. Understand pricing

See you next Wednesday,

Lily and the LIFFFT Crew

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